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Health & safety

Student safety and care is central to the GC service. A qualified first aider is available at the Centres at all times of the day and the night: all teaching staff carry dedicated field first aid equipment.

Gredos Centre is very aware of the responsibility that comes with working with children. Our long experience has given us the opportunity to establish effective policies in all areas where sensible care and attention is required. The GC’s staff are trained in first aid, in group management and, where appropriate, mountain leadership. We comply with all the rules and regulations outlined by the European Union. Having worked with a lot of European countries we have developed a set of Risk Assessments that all schools have been able to use for clearance of their trips to Gredos Centre.
A client will get all the copies of Insurance Policies and Risk Assessments relevant to their programme upon request.
We have a Medical Centre 1 mile  (1,6 km) away that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Meals served are home-cooked, well-balanced and varied. After more than 14 years we have a lot of experience on how to present our food in such a way that it is attractive for the age group and nationality that visits us. We also adapt to special dietary needs for vegetarians, allergies, religious needs, etc.
Our cooks are very good at making Spanish “tapas” as well.


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