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We started the Centre based on values that are important to us.  
These are:

To be able to run an educational business in a responsible and honest way, we are small and independent and we adapt and change what we feel is good for both the clients and our team.

Personal attention for the clients is key, and quality of the services we offer, not because it is required but because we like the interaction with people and seeing that they are enjoying themselves.

Openness and honesty in our interaction with clients and with each other.


We are first and foremost an educational centre so learning is the main goal of Gredos Centre. This is done in our beautiful natural surroundings by doing and experiencing rather than through books.
Our Centre is like a big family home where students and teachers alike feel at ease and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere that our team creates on a daily basis.


Gredos Centre | Finca Cepeda Mingo s/n | 05635 Navarredonda de Gredos | Ávila | SPAIN | Telephone:+34 920 348 280 |